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June Monthly Favourites


Hi everyone, For today, it’s gonna be June Favourites. Before I begin, for this month, I am not only focusing on Lipstick or Skincare. 🙂
Ok, let’s jump to my first favorite.

First :
I have a favorite pair of boots for this month. I just got these boots, and I have been wearing them like 90% of the time.
Number one, perfect for winter. Two, it’s been raining, and it’s comfortable than wearing sneakers. Three, it’s been wanting this since last year. 🙂
Four, I got it on SALE. 🙂


Not going to lie, I’ve only been using this baby girl for about 3 weeks now, but I’m completely in love with it.
I got this a day before my birthday. A birthday gift from Hubby.
The Rouge à Lèvres Satin from Gucci is perfect for those who prefer a fuller-coverage lip color.
It’s soft and lightweight, the creamy formula delivers long-lasting color and moisturizing.
I adore everything on this lipstick. Perfect for all skin tones along with its packaging.
Oh God! You can feel the old Hollywood vibe. Classic Gold Tube that you can see you in your Grandma or Mum’s drawer when you’re young.

Third :

My Daily dose of glow… Yes! Is it sounds familiar? Yes, baby. I am talking about this baby.
Resurfacing Serum from Tata Harper Skincare.
If some of you know how much I adore Tata Harper’s skincare line. This serum has been a game-changer. It is really amazing. I use this every other day, and it helped clear up my skin from blemishes, and my skin has never been smoother plus it smells divine as always. Every TH’s products all smell the Garden of Heaven.


I don’t know about you guys, but my hands had always been dry it’s either Summer or Winter. Before I only put any lotion that I can find on my shelf.
Been seeing this product all over the gram and on YouTube. I even saw Victoria Beckham used this. But I never tempt to buy
until I went to David Jones Carousel and tried heaps of skincare. Then, when I got this, the lady told me at the store that this would be my lifesaver in winter and always has been. It’s a nice thick cream, and it’s all-natural that you can use it on your face, your hand, your knees, and body.

Fifth :

Winter is my favorite season next to Autumn just because these are the only seasons that I can play with my clothes and try to be more
presentable and fashionable. 🙂 So, I purchased a handful of jumpers and knitwears this month, and my favorite is this mustard yellow knitwear. Since I bought this, I don’t know how many times my daughter tells me “Oh no… Mum and her jumper again” 🙂 It’s an excellent fit, you can mix it with everything. I wore it with my long skirt, my knee-high skirt, or just a simple pair of denim jeans.

Ok..done with mine. How about you? What are some of your June favorites??? I would love to hear.




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    This is so cool.

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