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Okana Skincare Review

Hello girls! I’m back on blogging again after a long hiatus from writing a review. This post is my long overdue review of Okana Skincare. Their PR team approached me last month to try their Skincare range. Okana Skincare is a New Zealand brand. Of course, how would I refuse this kind of brand? It is a natural brand, eco-friendly, vegan, fragrance-free, preservative-free, and Edible. This blew my mind. This product is the kind of skincare that I always opt to. So, without further ado, let’s start with my review. I will do it step-by-step according to how I apply it.
By the way, these are the products that they sent to me. Aren’t they gorgeous?


Natural Mango + Apricot Cleanser in 50ml for $AUD24.95
Natural apple juice foaming cleanser in 150ml for $AUD19.95
Bamboo bead face scrub in 100ml for $AUD18.95
Cucumber + lettuce toner in 125ml for $AUD17.95
Vegetable garden day moisturizer in 50ml for $AUD28.95
Berry blend natural night moisturizer in 50ml for $AUD28.95

Morning Routine :
First, I started with the Natural apple juice foaming cleanser. I only use a mild cleanser in the morning to remove residue of the products that I used from last night’s routine. It is just quite an ordinary cleanser for me, clean and refreshing. But I do enjoy using this simply because I want to remove the skincare I used from last night. Following up with the Cucumber + lettuce toner, I sprayed it on my face then left to dry. I love how my skin reacts to this product immediately. My skin feels fresh, brighter, and clear after using the range for almost a month now. Next, I used the Vegetable garden day moisturiser… hmmm, yes! Every time I open the jar, it reminds me of opening a jar of yoghurt as the texture is quite similar to yoghurt. It doesn’t leave your skin too oily. There is no tacky feeling, but enough to moisturize and hydrate your skin for the day.
Evening Routine :
The evening routine is my favourite. Usually, I got 25-30 minutes doing my evening routine. Sometimes more! 🙂 My husband knocks me in the bathroom because I’m spending too much time doing my routine. I always lit my favourite candle, play my Balinese Spa music playlist in the background. Anyhow, let’s start talking about my Okana Skincare night routine.
I started with Natural Mango + Apricot Cleanser to remove my make-up and daily impurities. I haven’t tried a cleansing balm before, but I can say that this product works for me. I put a decent amount into my palm, apply all over my face and neck, and the perfect way to remove it is with a damp face towel. I then followed it up with the Natural apple juice foaming cleanser for a double cleanse.
Next is my least favourite in this range, Bamboo bead face scrub. I know the product is good for sensitive skin, but the scrub is quite rough for me. Although it does exfoliate my skin deeply and leaves your skin feeling smooth. To apply – start by rubbing the scrub gently on your face. Now, down to my favourite product the Cucumber + lettuce toner, and finish off with the Berry blend natural night moisturizer, (another yoghurt for my face). Purple ‘yoghurt’ in a jar, such a beautiful colour, and texture. It is very light, the same as the day cream. However, it didn’t give me a supple feeling on my skin that I usually feel when I wake up the next day. So that’s my nearly month trial with Okana Skincare!
Here’s my verdict and my top 3 favourites:
Top 1: The Natural Mango + Apricot Cleanser – I love how it works for me. It easily removes my hard to get eyeliners and mascara. This product can take make-up off without any product left over. Would I buy and continue using this product? YES! I would 🙂
Top 2: The Cucumber + lettuce toner – This product is good for Australian Summer Toner. I’m swearing by this! Very hydrating and fresh. This product will be my second permanent resident on my purse. I will get three – one in my purse, another in my beauty fridge, and the other one for the bathroom vanity. This product is awesome.
Top 3: My 3rd selection would be the Vegetable garden day moisturiser. This is it’s “not you, it’s me” kind of relationship. She’s light, she’s natural, but there’s something that is missing. Do I get this when it’s finished? MAYBE! I’m still hoping that our relationship will end well. 🙂
So, after all my trials, The reason behind why this review took so long because I repeated it twice. I mean back to Day 1. I had my period last. When I got my cycle, my skin interacts with the skincare I am using. I didn’t want to give a wrong misconception about this product range or use it with other products at the time. I wanted to give my honest review. I love skincare, I love my old skincare products, and I don’t buy skincare just to have a nice looking vanity. When I spend money on skincare, I mean it, I love it, and I am using it.
Thank you so much for dropping by, Until next time, clean beauty lovers.

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